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~ The Malverns ~

Catching up with quite a bit of blogging – still it must be nice for you to see just what i’ve been up to.

2 days before the New Year there was a break in that god forsaken wet weather, and I was dammed if I was about to stay at home in the house again – so I hauled the boy out of his jimjams and over to The Malverns. I was undecided whether to take my Lunaloo with me as she’s struggling a lot these days and the excitement of a walk seems to cause her to fit, but then I can’t have her living the rest of her days out in the house either. So i took a chance, armed with Diazepam (for the dog) and lunch for me and wills we set off for the morning. And I’m so glad that we did – we all had a lovely time, spotting the flooded river from up high and looking for magical stones that the hill fairies had left behind….:)I treasure the time that I spend with Wills – I hope he’ll look back one day and remember all the things that we did together <3

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~ Happy New Year ~

Happy New year everyone!

Every new years day, like a lot of families we go out for a walk. This new year I wanted to venture a little further a field so we pootled up to the Peak District. We were blessed with the weather (although I already knew this the amount of time I spend on the weather channel is just ridiculous!) although by the time we got to the Top of Thorpe Cloud in Dovedale it was flippin breezy! So much so it kept blowing the lad over! Still it certainly blew the cobwebs away and we started 2013 with rosy cheeks!

My aim this year (and it’s not a new years resolution) is to try and spend more time with my family. Its difficult trying to juggle everything, and while I love spending time with you guys and finding out all about you – I need to remember them too!  That said, the more work I get doing Photography, the more chance there is giving up the day job! Now wouldn’t that be a treat!

Hope 2013 brings you your hearts desires – I know what I’m hoping for ;0)

The Flat ridge on the picture below is Thorpe Cloude – That’s where we walked too:)


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~ My Personal Favourites from 2012 ~

I’m not that great with words, but – I have had a truly blessed year, with all my clients, new and returning! I can’t thank you all enough for asking me to be involved in your lives and helping to create memories for you to treasure forever!

THANK YOU – every single one of you xxxx

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